Creating an Online Brand Identity

I was tasked with the redesign of a popular aftershave and essentials website. The goal was to give this website a more modern feel and to better exemplify the brand identity of the company.

The new website would have a large header serving as a unifying design element across the site. This was a particularly critical aspect of the site's design, as it was prominently displayed at the top of each page.

Key design elements and colors were extracted from the logo on their bestselling product. These facets were used to create a header that re-established the Captain’s Choice brand within the parameters of the new website's modern form.

Layout and styling across the website was further customized to make content more appealing and available to the user. From making the product more visible (shown below), to eliminating distracting and unnecessary page aspects site-wide.

Overall, the site was redesigned to have a more elegant, minimal interface that was intuitive and easy to navigate, allowing the company to be able to more effortlessly communicate their products to consumers.