Transformers Prime [2013]


A classic 'punching' function is one of the easiest and most common toy functions out there. Since this was Bumblebee, the team knew punching was a big part of his character and would likely end up being his function. When I heard this, I couldn't help but feel the desire to push the envelope a bit beyond this simple function. I pushed hard for an action that we had never attempted before to more closely mirror a real punch – by jointing the punching arm at the elbow. I conceptually engineered multiple possible executions to this function during my brief stint with this program over winter break (I was an intern at the time). Its exact method of implementation was altered after I had left, but the core functionality was maintained and delivered.

Optimus Prime

A classic sword-swinging motion is a close variation of the standard 'punching' function, being very common and simple in its execution. In pushing myself to think beyond this traditional execution, I hoped to mirror a more realistic sword swinging motion, where the sword crosses over the front of the body diagonally. I conceptualized adding spring-loaded bevel gears between the 'static' legs and the sword arm, which would interact as the loose torso was rotated about the static legs' bevel gear. Turning his torso to the left rotates his body while raising his sword arm, and releasing results in a realistic slashing motion. I completely conceptualized and proved-out this function during my winter break as an intern, and the function made its way into production without any major alterations.